This song talks about the faithfulness of God in keeping his promises towards us. It is a worship song that describes who God is and what His power can do; When we put our trust in Him, we can never be disappointed because He is a Covenant Keeping God


“For My Good” is a welcomed reminder of the Bible scripture Romans 8:28. Trials are not a sign of God’s disapproval, but rather,  they will lead us to our divine purpose just like Joseph.
Sometimes, we may be tempted to worry about what’s happening to/around us,  but be assured, that as long as you love the Lord, it will work together for your good. THINGS MAY NOT ALWAYS BE GOOD, BUT IT WILL ALWAYS WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD!
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“Heart of Gratitude”

Watch “Shine”, a song which talks about our God give ability, that we have been created to shine and have dominion  over all of life’s circumstances. We are victorious!

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